Treatment provided for the following:

  • post-mastectomy rehabilitation
  • axillary web syndrome/axillary cording
  • lymphedema and other swelling conditions
  • lipidema
  • cancer-related fatigue and deconditioning
  • overuse syndromes (tendonitis, bursitis, muscle strains)
  • joint pain (knee, hip, shoulder, etc)
  • sprains/strains
  • post-surgical rehabilitation
  • post-fracture rehabilitation
Physical Therapy
Physical therapy interventions begin with a thorough movement assessment to determine the source of pain or restriction.  The treatment plan is created based on assessment findings and tailored to each client’s needs and goals.  Home exercise programs are designed to fit into one’s lifestyle and be sustainable.
Acupressure is a technique that blends elements of Japanese acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Taoist philosophy.  Adrienne uses acupressure in conjunction with other techniques to release excess muscular tension, cultivate a deep state of relaxation, and facilitate body-mind awareness.
Yoga is a method of promoting health and well being through a practice of postures, breathing exercises, and mindfulness meditation. Adrienne designs individualized yoga-based home programs to support injury recovery, manage chronic pain, maintain wellness, and reduce stress.  She can also help clients safely resume a yoga practice following an injury.
Adrienne DiLiberto, PT, MS, CLT-LANACatalyst Physical Therapy
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